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  Parts Currently on Hand  
Manufacturer Size Part No Description Price
A-11-7/8x295Leathers, Graphite - for 1-7/8in Open Top Midland Cylinder - price per leather+$ 6
Aermotor8A-112Collar for linkage on Bell Hub - recast+$ 35
Aermotor8A-12Collar for linkage on Bell Hub for TILTING TOWER - recast+$ 35
Aermotor8A-124Mast Pipe BASE, 4 legged, for Open Gear Pumping Aermotor+$ 65
Aermotor8A-14Linkage piece+$ 30
Aermotor8A-14/26Linkage assembly - remake/recast+$ 80
Aermotor8A-203Used hub for '98 Open Gear Pumping Aermotor+$ 165
Aermotor8A-204Small gear for all models of Open Gear Pumping Aermotor windmills - new cut steel gear+$ 135
Aermotor8A-305Big Gear for all models of open gear Pumping Aermotor Windmills with pin - New recast gear+$ 380
Aermotor8A-36/112Linkage assembly - Bell Hub - recast+$ 95
AermotorAllA-374Pump Rod to Hand Pump spring disconnect (priced each)+$ 55
AermotorAllA-375Pump Rod to Hand Pump spring disconnect (priced each)+$ 55
Aermotor8A-403Hub - New Old Stock (NOS)+$ 180
Aermotor8A-403Hub - Used
Has a slight crack in the front of the hub.
Does not go all the way through the hub.
See photos for detail.+
$ 115
Aermotor8A-403Hub - Used w/bent shaft+$ 115
Aermotor8A-424Mast Pipe BASE, 3 legged, for Open Gear Pumping Aermotor+$ 75
Aermotor8A-528Button Head Arms - 602/702 - PAIR - 11-1/8in Long+$ 45
Aermotor8A-528Button Head Arms - 602/702 - PAIR - 11in Long+$ 45
Aermotor8A-551Bearing Bar - 502/602+$ 37
Aermotor8A-552Bearing Half - 502/602+$ 25
Aermotor8A-675Mast Pipe BASE, 4 legged, for 502 and later models+$ 73
AermotorAllAT-147Tower Step - Aermotor late 1890's+$ 25
Aermotor10B-503Hub, late, for 502/602+$ 300
Aermotor10B-504Small Gears - 502/602 - PAIR+$ 75
Aermotor10B-551Bearing Bar+$ 40
Aermotor10B-552Bearing Half - 502/602+$ 28
Aermotor10B-560Fiberglass Helmet (NEW) for 802 Valley Industries w/paperwork+$ 45
Aermotor10B-751Bearing Bar for 702+$ 40
Aermotor8EOCOiler Cup for Open Gear Pumping Aermotor - Replacement - Original Cup not for sale - price for 1 oiler cup+$ 37
Aermotor20L-609Furling Device+$ 600
Aermotor8No. 8 and No. 28-1/2Bearing inserts for '98, '99, and '03 Pumping Aermotor Windmills (2 of each part no - 4 total) - New remakes+$ 205
Aermotor6-8T-3Clamp for 502/602 tower - 4 legged+$ 20
DempsterUnknown1190ABed Plate Top Cap for Wooden Tower+$ 34
DempsterUnknownN91 or 16NTower Spider for Wooden Tower+$ 34
Flint and Walling10-12AB13Truing Spider+$ 42
Flint and Walling8-10-12AB2Bed Plate Top Cap for Wooden Tower+$ 50
Flint and Walling8 or 10SpringSpring for 8 or 10 foot Flint and Walling+$ 30
Flint and Walling 10UnknownHelmet Nuts, Brass each for Zephyr+$ 13
Flint and Walling10UnknownHelmet for 10' Zephyr+$ 50
GoodhueAllUnknown12ct Steps for Tower+$ 34
Monitor882Governor Spring for WC+$ 35
Monitor8E2-1/2Swivel Stop+$ 27
Monitor10J19Guide for swivel slide, 3 post+$ 40
Monitor10J2Lower Tower Casting, 4 Post+$ 25
Monitor8K1?Top Cap for K Mill+$ 17
Monitor8K2Lower Tower Casting, 4 Post+$ 30
MonitorAllMT-147Tower Step Baker/Monitor+$ 20
Monitor8wc21Case Cover+$ 34
Monitor10WD10 * SOLD * SOLD * SOLD * SOLD *
Hub and Shaft+
$ 230
Monitor10WD21Case Cover+$ 50
Monitor10WD9Pinion Gear+$ 45
Samson6'/8'/9'15M8Pair of Plunger Guides (left and right halves) for Samson Model M+$ 20
Samson8'/9'/10'75M8Cross Head Roller for Samson Model M+$ 17
Samson6'/8'/9'76M8Oil Pump Lifter for Samson Model M+$ 25
Samson6'9M6Pair of broken but weldable guide brackets with set screws for Samson Model M+$ 15
UnknownAllU-142Pump Rod to Hand Pump spring disconnect (priced each)+$ 55

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